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Who Will Be the Mayor for the 2024 Scituate St. Patrick's Parade?

Thank You for Your Help in Supporting the Parade

All voting is in increments of 10 ($10). Every 10 votes will get an entry into a raffle that could win you one of the following prizes: 1st place – $500, 2nd place – $300, and 3rd place – $100. The drawing will be held March 14th at the Grand Marshal Dinner at The Drift In located at Widows Walk Golf Course.

Voting Now Open 
And the candidates for 2024 are:

Adam Barisano


My name is Adam Barisano and I am a life-long resident of this amazing town that means so much to all of us! I live here with my wife Jacquelyn and son Leonardo. I am a full-time realtor at Jack Conway & Company in Scituate, as well as a part-time performer at WFA (Wrestling Federation of America). My passion for the roll of  Mayor dates back to the very first time I saw the parade as a child. Although I am of Italian decent, my loved ones from Scituate have always told me I'm as Irish as they come when St. Patrick's day rolls around. That is because of how much I truly love this spectacular holiday, and watching my town come together as one.Becoming mayor of Scituate for the day presents an opportunity to give back to the town and the parade that has meant so much to me and my family. On March 7th at the Drift In, I will hold an event that will not only give back, but will break the winter blues in Scituate and provide everyone who attends with a fun night they all deserve! In closing I would ask for your support and generous donations as I Adam Barisano run for Scituate Mayor 2024.

Cristina Curreri


My name is Cristina Curreri and I am so proud to be running for Mayor of Scituate supporting the St. Patrick's Day Parade. We all love a parade and I love this magical town! Ever since my first visit to the Irish Riviera over 50 years ago visiting family on Scituate Ave. and staying out late on hot summer nights attending the fun filled events at the SBA (Scituate Beach Association), to working at the Quarterdeck as a teen, living through all the nor'easters and now, today, owning a business, and a home, right on this very parade Scituate pride runs deep. My husband Paul and I were excited to bring Scituate Salt Cave, a wellness center offering Halotherapy and more, to the harbor in 2021. We love to welcome guests from all over who have never visited our seaside town before and delight in playing tour guide for them making sure that they see the Lighthouse, stop at the town pier, visit the shops and restaurants, and stay awhile. Being a part of this community means the world to me and to everyone in my family. We are grateful for the support our town has given us and would be honored to be Mayor and support Scituate in this small way. Thank you very much for your support. Looking forward to a spectacular parade.

Patrice Maye

Maye for Maye-or_edited.jpg

MAYE I earn your vote? My name is Patrice Maye (or as we say in my mother country: Patrice Maye is ainm dom), and I am thrilled to throw my tam into the ring for Mayor of Scituate. As a dual Irish/American citizen, I celebrate Scituate's role as the most Irish community outside of Ireland, and I love that we host South Shore's definitive St. Patrick's Day Parade.  Our parade is loud, boisterous, and playful, and it is unapologetically inclusive; there is something to delight everyone (the clowns and the Clydesdales are my favorite! and a place for any who want to participate. Today, I pledge my candidacy to the mayoral race for the 2024 St. Patrick's Day Parade to help raise money for this fun and fundamentally Scituate institution.  The more candidates, the more money raised, the more memories we can build.  Why me for mayor? I have spent the past 20 years as a Scituate homeowner raising two boys, volunteering at Jenkins and Gates, and helping spearhead initiatives designed to raise Scituate's profile as the best place to live, work, and play, including the Scituate Harbor Cultural District, Scituate/West Cork Sister City Partnership, and the South Shore Irish Heritage Trail.  Like the parade, all of these initiatives showcase the South Shore as a culturally vibrant region, with Scituate at is nexus.  Some of my fondest memories over the years are tied to our St. Patrick's Day Parade, and I want to hep raise the money it needs for 2024 and to help secure its future for generations of families like mine -- and yours.
MAYE the best candidate win! MAYE FOR MAYE-OR!

Mayor candidates are awesome people that put their names on the line to help raise money to fund the parade. They have fundraising events to bring in money for their bid to become the Honorary Mayor of Scituate for the year. Every dollar raised is a vote, and the one getting the most votes wins and rides in the parade as the Mayor. All candidates may ride in the parade. Each candidate will be matched with a former mayor to help in fundraising activities.

2023 Scituate Mayor and 2024 Grand Marshal Mick Carlyle

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